Facial Treatments

Fruit Peel $45 course of 6 $200
For Best results a course of peels is recommended, although dramatic results are achieved with the first treatment.
Fruit acid treatments will smooth tired skin minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, dead skin build up, acne pimples, especially recommended for sun damaged skin,blackheads and clogged pores.

Botanical Facial

This facial includes a fruit acid peel exfoliation of dead skin build up, massage of face neck and shoulders with blended essential oils followed by a balancing mask, tone and thorough moisturizing of
the skin. Great cure all for most skin types.

Hydrating facial

Great for frequent flyers, or anyone requiring
moisture. This facial begins with a cleansing of the skin hydrating compress with aromatic oils, exfoliation,
facial neck shoulder and decolletage massage, Hydrating serums followed by hydrating mask that will relieve even
the most dry dehydrated skin.

Deep cleanse facial

Best suited for congested, blemished skin, this facial includes deep cleanse exfoliation accelerator followed by
facial, neck, shoulder and decolletage massage with non-comedogenic cream and purifying mask to calm rebalance and strengthen skin, extractions of impurities followed by high frequency and purifying mask. Completed with
effective toning and moisturizing

Calming and soothing facial

For even the most sensitive of skins. Beginning with a gentle cleanse of the skin followed by aromatic compresses
to soften dead skin, a gentle enzyme based exfoliant is applied under steam. Specialized serums are applied
before receiving a nurturing facial neck and shoulder massage using pure essential oils followed by a calming
soothing restorative mask

Add eye collagen mask to Facial treatment

For all skin types. Do you have dark circles around your eyes, are your eyes puffy and look tired. Do you have
wrinkles around your eyes, do your eyes look older then what they are. Hydrate and plump your eyes with our collagen masque. Watch the wrinkles around eyes disappear.

Add intensive Ampoules to facial treatment

* oxygenating complex ampoules
The ultrasonic wave is a powerful electrode which is beautifull resurt of An ampoule is infused into the deep
layers of your skin, helping the skins oxygen to increase

* oxygenating complex ampoules
brightens the dullest skin, helps reduce dark circles around eyes and puffiness. Great for smokers

* lifting complex ampoules
great for mature skin. Smoothes out wrinkles, reduces sagging and plumps the skin up with anti ageing fibers.

* purifying complex ampoules
want your skin pores reduced try this ampoule as it unclogs the oiliest skins and gets rid of blackheads as well
as giving your skin an even ph balance.

* lightening complex ampoules
full of vitamins and nutrients this ampoule will help reduce pigmentation on the skin and even out your skins complexion.

Add cooling & hot modeling mask to facial treatment

Energizing boost, this mask is applied in a thick layer and sets hard. The heat from the mask being so close and
thick it will open your pores and help absorb the nutrients and vitamins into the deeper layers of your skin.
Leaving your skin looking and feeling plump, radiant and smooth.

Add collagen fiber film mask to Facial treatment

For all skin types. Wants your skin plump and hydrated, want to look young and youthful, forget the plastic
surgeon and come to us. Great for after having IPL or microdermabration and laser treatment Can calm the
most irritated skins.